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We have implemented health safety rules to ensure a return to work in the best conditions for everyone at Cotting. A reduced team is operational to deliver the stock and production will gradually resume.

In these difficult times knowing how to demonstrate agility is more crucial than ever. At Cotting, we have made reactivity a priority! The proof? We offer 20 ranges and 375 colours, in stock and available immediately. Our expertise, the quality of our products and the commitment of our teams have been at the heart of our strategy for over 70 years. Our ability to handle all of your orders is a key factor in your success.

From the essential Gingko to the latest “textile-effect” creation Flanel, not to mention the ultra-trendy Abaka, you have the choice and can order them straight away. In fact, all our products are manufactured in France and Europe: much more practical for supplying you rapidly! So, whether for a new market, an unforeseen order or an unexpected opportunity, you will always find a fast solution to your needs with us. Because we are convinced that in a globalized world our agility must contribute to the success of even your most urgent projects!

  • COTTING did not wait for agility to become fashionable before ensuring all its products were immediately available.
  • It’s certainly not by chance that reactivity is an anagram of creativity.
  • 20 ranges and 375 colours in stock, that gives a material choice!
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cotting photo colours agility