Cotting photo mobilité automobile


Mobility in all its forms is going to be a real challenge in the 21st century. This is why Griffine has been developing coated fabrics for many years to meet this market’s varied requirements. The largest car manufacturers and equipment suppliers already trust us.

The polysensoriality of our materials offers you a tactile and visual quality with high performance technical specifications.


The entire interior of a car can be lined with one of our materials, including the seats, door panels, dashboard, gear stick gaiter, steering wheel and floor mats, etc.

Our products meet all comfort, aesthetic and safety requirements…

Cotting photo mobilité automobile


In order to meet the requirements for buses, trains and planes… and maybe one day flying taxis…we are able to develop products which will meet your specifications.

Cotting photo mobilité bus transport collectif


Our thermoformable products are tailored specifically and will provide you with comfort and ergonomics when fitting out the interior of a tractor, a construction vehicle or making a car seat. They can be created in a wide range of colours and grains.

Cotting photo mobilité cabine tracteur


Our range of coated fabrics, with its wide choice of colours and grains, will delight you and allow you to create an elegant and easy-to-live-with interior design.

Cotting photo mobilité camping car


Whether for a motorbike, bicycle or scooter, our coated fabrics will meet your desire for freedom with their colourful and varied appearance.

Cotting Vespa Blue