A "Chick" chromatic approach

The timeless Diabolo Chick with its iconic pattern stands alone as an all-over cover for a couch or chair. Its whimsical print also begs to be combined with other finishes and colors from the extensive Cotting collection for an inspiring and aesthetically pleasing color approach.

We invite you to view our presentation of color complementarity, a sweet mix of patterns, grains and tones.

Please feel free to share your creations with us….

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Diabolo Chick Agapanthe

For positive, creative and bold living spaces, the Diabolo Chick Agapanthe can be paired with the Ginkgo Lavande
or the Urban Abysse.

Diabolo Chick Velours

Marry the shimmering and elegant red of the Diabolo Chick Velours with embossed blacks or the Kalytera Paprika to create an aesthetic and refined setting.

Diabolo Chick Torchis

Let's create a natural, sustainable and reassuring universe by opening up the Diabolo Chick Torchis to a multitude of chromatic associations, easily combinable with textures and tones evoking
raw materials.

Diabolo Chick Terre

Symbol of solidity and strength, the Diabolo Chick Terre color warms the atmosphere with its energy when it is in harmony with all the natural colors of our ranges.

Diabolo Chick Smoking

Dare to be chic, green and trendy with the Diabolo Chick Smoking coordinated with the Celadon of the Ginkgo, the Jade of the Flanel...

Diabolo Chick Royal

For a calm and soothing atmosphere, marry the Diabolo Chick Royal with the leather grain of the Select Azur or the fine and subtle grain of the Esprit Navy!

Diabolo Chick Prince

The iconic black and white "houndstooth" print, iconic of the Dior's house, brings chic fantasy and refinement in combination with the Kalytera Jais or all black collections.

Diabolo Chick Prairie

Let yourself be inspired by the shades of green by associating the Diabolo Chick Prairie with the classic Ginkgo Vert or with the textile effect Flanel Eucalyptus for an invitation to the freshness of plants!

Diabolo Chick Moutarde

The warm and bold Mustard color brings light and cheerfulness into every space. Pair it with Winston Ambre or Bakero Ananas for an undeniable vintage feel.

Diabolo Chick Marguerite

Diabolo Chick Marguerite, embodies innocence and candor, it will find place to create zen, romantic or chic worlds, in harmony with our colors Flanel Lin,
Ginkgo Mastic or Esprit Naturel .

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