A denim effect that withstands extreme conditions.

COTTING designs, manufactures and distributes innovative coated fabrics that stand out due to their aesthetics, durability and technical performance.

Cotting gamme Bakero

BAKERO is the perfect combination of a sophisticated and contemporary look combined with essential
technical performance which meets the requirements of use in INDOOR and OUTDOOR public areas.

With environmental protection in mind, our engineers have balanced the requirements of resistance and technical specifications with comfort features such as flexibility and touch.

BAKERO is a 100% polyester fabric coated with PVC resulting in a twill effect which looks like denim.

The wide range of 25 colours evoke far away destinations with their intense, exuberant colours – suggesting lush gardens and tropical jungles with shades such as Oxalis, Bougainvillier or and Mahonia. The colours Basalte, Onyx, Craie etc. bring to mind nature in its raw state by recalling rock dust and volcanic lagoons.

Cotting gamme Bakero tropical jungle
Tropical jungle
Cotting gamme Bakero jardin luxuriant
Lush garden

The finish C-VÅRD : the new coating developed by COTTING provides enhanced protection against stains, a natural feel and resistance to soiling and contamination. It is easy to care for using just soapy water.

BAKERO has been tested under extreme conditions to provide excellent UV resistance. Its performance has been assessed for more than 1,000 hours under UVA / UVB at temperatures above 50°C and in
conditions of high relative humidity (ISO 4892-3 standard / fluorescent UV lamp).


  • Seats and benches for the health, hotel and catering sectors, etc …
  • Outdoor seating
  • Public areas, offices, etc …
  • Cruise ships, boats…

BAKERO is designed to meet all the challenges of long exposure to sun and water. It is an ideal fabric for the interior and exterior of boats due to its protection against UV and resistance to mould.

BAKERO has certification from the Marine Equipment Directive of the International Maritime Organisation, or IMO MED Wheelmark.

Cotting gamme Bakero lagon volcanique
Volcanic lagoons
Cotting gamme Bakero poussiere de roche
Rock dust

Technical caracteristics

  • IMO A652 / Wheelmark certification
  • M2 / B2 / EN 1021.1-2
  • BS 5852 crib 5 (on demand)
  • Phthalate free
  • Solvant free
  • Resistant to salty environment
  • Sanitized : antimicrobial treatment
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Cotting gamme Bakero