Westlake Global Compounds France and Griffine Enduction / Cotting
have announced a distribution partnership to introduce Calligram™,
a new innovative synthetic leather, to the European market.
Calligram™ is an exclusive coated fabric process, an alternative to natural leather,
intended for automotive interiors, furniture and other luxury markets.

Calligram™ responds to three top market trends:


Smart surfaces


Calligram™  is a solution for creating unique coated fabrics; you can really make them your own!
This ultra-customisation is made possible through the production of limited series.
The innovation and flexibility of this process is evident in four key aspects: grain, printing, textiles and functionality.
COTTING photo calligram grain


This new, innovative process is capable of presenting embossed and debossed patterns on the same surface, and it can also create multi-gloss (areas with different gloss levels) and multi-grain effects. You can create your own logo, pattern, image…


The unique digital “in-mold printing” process offers greater precision in terms of colour and image placement, therefore providing numerous possibilities depending on your creative vision.

The printing can be “all-over” or placed in relation to the relief, combining versatility (extended four-colour process) and quality flat tints (ink to colour).

Cotting photo sac grafiti Calligram
Cotting gamme calligram


The Calligram™ manufacturing process uses high quality textiles such as 3D textile and other temperature sensitive fabrics.

We provide fabrics that are perfectly suited to their application: warp and weft fabric for luggage, foamed fabric for automotive use, recycled material, silk…


Thanks to this innovative process, Calligram™ is a smart textile that provides scope to explore multiple functionalities.

Fabrics designed in this way can be connected to capacitive circuits, incorporate sensors, and feature backlighting with a guaranteed ghost effect.

Our technology optimises the passage of light, creating a precise pattern that complements the embossing and debossing.

COTTING photo calligram retroeclairage


– Headboards
– Luggage
– Footwear
– Chairs, furniture
– Vehicle interiors
– Endless possibilities to accommodate
the limits of your creativity and imagination

Sustainable, responsible, innovative

  • Phthalate-free coated fabric with the option of using
    bio-based raw materials and recycled materials
  • Calligram™ is a unique manufacturing process developed
    and carried out in France
  • The made-to-size process reduces waste
  • Made in France
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Cotting photo calligram