Photo C Vard Cotting's coated fabrics protective varnish

C-VÅRD®, sustainable, responsible, innovative protective varnish

You want to feel immersed in places where the light-coloured seats exude comfort and pristine beauty. You want to be able to choose coated fabrics that look and feel great intact and untouched by previous use.

This is what is expected of hospitality venues, restaurants, bars – an experience that makes you feel like the very first customer to sit down every time.

Improving the customer experience remains the main goal of Cotting’s R&D teams ; which is why they have developed the C-VÅRD® invisible protective varnish.

In Swedish, “VÅRD” means “to care”, and it is the COTTING Group’s priority to offer fabrics that care for you!

C-VÅRD® gives COTTING coatings a soft touch and exceptional dirt and grime resistance.

This keeps them looking like new after years of intensive use.

Thanks to the extraordinary ease of cleaning of the surface with C-VÅRD®, the material is less stressed during cleaning. The dirt particles cannot adhere and do not penetrate deeply into the coating.

Sustainable, responsible, innovative

  • Water-based and phthalate-free varnish
  • The surfaces do not undergo progressive discolouration due to prolonged exposure tolight.
  • Very good resistance to soiling and jeans migration, reduced absorption of stains and contaminating pigments.
  • Very long life, regular and easy
    cleaning does not damage the coating.
  • The product characteristics are preserved in the long term.
photo C vård vernis de protection pour faciliter le nettoyage Cotting

Improved cleanability

For food soiling, we recommend regular cleaning with soapy water and a soft brush.

Stubborn stains can be removed without residue if treated immediately. It is not necessary to treat the surface with special cleaning agents and scouring agents or those containing bleach should be avoided at all costs.

Regular maintenance gives our coatings their original suppleness and shine.

Comparative tests carried out in our laboratory

Test based on DIN EN 15973 norm (grey scale Iso 105-A02 & A03) rating from
1 to 5.

The EMPA128 protocol carried out with the Martindale test machine (jeans soaked in indigo dye, oil and carbon black)

Test method : The samples are rubbed 10 times with impregnated cloths. After 3 hours, the test tube is cleaned with a soft brush and soap, rinsed and wiped with a cotton cloth

Cotting photo C vård vernis de protection offrant meilleure nettoyabilité
Cotting graphique Cvård Result after cleaning

The C-VÅRD® protective lacquer is applied to our BAKERO fabric as well as to the next range which will be released in a few months.

As an option, you can ask for it on all our fabrics.

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