The end of the year is getting near and we would like to thank each and every one of you for helping to make 2022 an inspiring, creative and innovation-filled year. Here’s a look back at the highlights:


During the last Equip’Hotel show in Paris, we rethought our materials by personalizing them. We challenged two artists to create a work of art that would then be digitally printed on our coated fabrics and thus “stepping outside the box”.

This was done with the drawings of Marie Détrée, Navy’s official painter, and Loïc Defontaine, a designer and artist. Their paintings have been implemented on the seats of the French manufacturer Sokoa. A daring discrepancy that was very popular! Everyone was able to give free rein to their imagination. The work of art goes out of the frame and is transposed on furniture.

COTTING photo salon equiphotel 2022

2022, was for us a year of sharing and fruitful exchanges with you
during the various trade shows where we exhibited: Hotel & Lodge Paris; Techtextil Frankfurt; Equip’Hotel Paris; Automotive Interiors Expo Stuttgart and we thank you for that.

Cotting gamme Diabolo chick


In today’s fast-paced world that demands more and more novelty, Cotting has chosen to reinterpret the iconic and timeless houndstooth pattern with the launch of DIABOLO CHICK.

With a short range of 10 colors, either classic and worldly, or natural and rural, the DIABOLO is reinvented to dress your furniture and give a “chick” side to your interiors.

This year has also been synonymous with collaboration with our artists, our manufacturing clients
but also with our partner Westlake for the development of the Calligram innovation.

In 2023, Cotting will continue
to create, innovate,
manufacture in an increasingly responsible manner.

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COTTING photo salon equiphotel 2022