The latest fashion trends of this autumn season confirm the topicality of woolly and Chiny Textile Effects. COTTING is expanding its offer with a warm fabric, which evokes a mellow and welcoming material.

Cotting gamme FLANEL liasse

The latest in the COTTING collections, this fire-retardant coated fabric (M1, crib 5, B2…) has all the technical characteristics that ensure your safety.

Perfect for some areas of the medical sector, it will naturally create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere when used to decorate the office or coffee shop, hotel and restaurant sectors. Its discreet pattern is versatile and has no particular direction and can be easily adapted to all uses.

Cotting gamme Flanel

Its colourful range meets the major “deco” trends, which adapt to the evolution in our lifestyles:

  • The essential naturals taking their inspiration from raw materials.
  • The pastels that add the softness of colours to the softness of the material used.
  • The pigmented ones that provide the warmth, strength and energy of colours, which allow for an even more striking décor.
Cotting photo Flanel EN
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Cotting gamme FLANEL liasse