Ponant is an invitation to discovery, adventure and sunshine.

Your ally for exterior upholstery and interior decor on pleasure boats, commercial vessels, caravans and motor homes.

The 14-color Ponant palette is enriched by 2 new tones:


A light blue, a symbol of freshness, evoking wide open spaces, the sky, the sea, the horizon and infinity. An invitation to the calm and tranquillity of the sea air..



This warm, woody hue carries with it a promise of robustness and anchoring. Creating a link with the natural environment, it blends perfectly with blue, white and gray.

Technical specifications 

EN 1021.1-2                                                                                                                        IMO FTP MED (Martime Equipment Directive)                                                                  Sanitized (antibacterial protection)                                                                                UV-resistant                                                                                                                          Phthalate-free, solvent-free                                                                                              Mould-resistant surface and substrate                                                                          Waterproof and highly resistant to cleaning                                                                      Salt spray resistant