The environmental approach from Cotting group

Cotting’s strategy for sustainable development includes the design and manufacture of coverings that contribute to our daily well-being.

Cotting’s main objective for the past 15 years has been to reduce the impact of our production on the environment. The two production sites based in France and Belgium have each received the ISO 14001 standard. The Cotting Group implements programmes to improve working conditions – for safe workstations, less consumption of products that are dangerous to humans, and more generally, the implementation, supervision and maintenance and effectiveness of our QHSE policy throughout the two plants.

Coated fabrics are pertinent to our green and sustainable development approach because they are both long-lasting and resistant. Coated fabric has three main qualities: it is aesthetic, resistant and easy to maintain. Made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PU (polyurethane), coated fabrics are the best alternative to animal leather. The production of coated fabrics consumes less water and energy than tanning hide.

We commit to the following features in our materials:

– recycled cotton or polyester lining
– phthalate-free
– high-solid PU (solvent-free)
– water varnishing
– solvent free
– less VOC emissions
– raw materials approved by REACH
– easy cleaning with soap and water

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