Cotting photo En quête de sens

If colour is a wave from a physics point of view, it is also an element heavy with symbolism, a true marker of society. When colours stand for values, they give a new sense to our daily lives. 

Is it by luck that we see “red”, that we are “green” with envy, that we are scared “green”, that we are “red” with anger or “white” as a sheet…

Colours are a vector for our codes, our taboos, the misconceptions that we sometimes believe in without knowing it. They have a tumultuous history that serves as witness to the evolution of mentalities in our different cultures. Religion, science and politics make a case in point throughout the centuries. Decoration, advertising and consumer products use them to guide us in our choices.

Red, blue, green, yellow, orange… What meaning do we give colours today?

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Cotting photo En quête de sens