The Technical Expertise
of COTTING Coated Fabrics

How should coated fabrics be used?

How do you know if a coated fabric is intended for a typical service environment? In the labyrinth of standards and other labels, some stakeholders are more rigorous than others. It’s a puzzle that clearly needs to be solved!

A coated ‘contract’ fabric is subject to local authority requirements (offices, hotels, restaurants, reception rooms, performance venues, hospitals, creches, boats, vehicles, etc.), per the standards for each environment.

What about standards? An array of standards, labels and certifications are used to validate the intrinsic quality of a coated fabric because the safety and health of individuals are essential.

The countries are on fire! 🔥✅

Although in France we are used to using the French M1 and M2 fire ratings, around the world, there are a variety of standards.

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni   The United Kingdom requires Crib 5,

Drapeau de l'Allemagne   In Germany, it’s B1 and B2,

Drapeau des États-Unis   The United States uses CTB 117 and 133,

Drapeau de l'Italie    Class 1 IM in Italy,

Drapeau de l'Autriche   And ÖNORM in Austria

The European EN 1021 Part 1 and 2 rating adds a test in which the fabric is exposed to different ignition sources, such as a burning cigarette and matchstick flames.

Depending on where they are used, coated fabrics must comply with AM18 when the seats are in a row and fixed to the floor.

Cotting photo norme feu

To each their own standard 🔥✅

Early childhood

EN 71-2 et 3

Bus seats


Cars and tractors


Cruise ships


Medical mattresses

Oekotex class 100

Protective clothing


By directly treating COTTING coated fabrics, they have flame-retardant properties, which ensure long-term safety. These properties will not be affected by intensive use, cleaning and time.

Coated fabrics that look after you! 🚑✅

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Personal health is guaranteed by the Sanitized or Ultrafresh labels, which ensure that our coated fabrics are antimicrobial and antiviral resistant. Breathability and waterproofing are also essential criteria for mattress protection materials.

In addition to this, Cotting requires all raw materials to be tested, to comply with the REACH directive. Our coated fabrics do not contain heavy metals or other harmful chemical substances. Our phthalate-free, solvent-free and therefore 100% water-based compositions ensure that the harmful effects to health and the environment are kept to a minimum.

Material that will stand the test of time 🦺✅

Cotting photo test abrasion


Abrasion resistance is measured using different wear tests. At Cotting, we use the Martindale method. Although a minimum of 50,000 cycles are required for the contract fabric category, the majority of COTTING’s coated fabrics can reach 150,000 cycles.

Cotting Wooden lounge chair


Fabrics are also specially treated to ensure light and UV ray protection, whose guidelines are approved by Xenotest and ISO 4892.

photo C vård vernis de protection pour faciliter le nettoyage Cotting


Other endurance properties are subject to testing, such as stain, mould, salt spray and cleanability testing.

Cotting photo tissu froissé


Lastly, we have checks on mechanical properties such as breaking strength, elongation, bagginess, sewing, etc.

Which Cotting range do your recommend ? 🔍

For designing, Cotting offers various ranges with different material effects such as leather, textiles or graphic patterns. Creative and sophisticated patterns give each range a contemporary and timeless look in bold, deep and pastel colours.

With 7,000 references and over 400 colours available, there’s plenty of choice! There is bound to be a Cotting coated fabric that suits your needs.

Our wide range will provide with you the perfect solution for the most complex seating arrangements in the most demanding living and reception areas.

For more information about our ranges,
please refer to the technical data sheets, which are available on request.

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