A look back at the grand opening day of our new production lines


Over 100 guests accepted our invitation to visit our Nucourt plant.

The event was an opportunity to celebrate with local authorities, business partners and key suppliers an important milestone in our development, and to express our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.


A day of immersion in the world of Griffine Industries, with a guided tour of our new facilities, a presentation of our innovative, eco-responsible products, and inauguration speeches by our Chairman, Jacques Schaffnit, our Managing Director, Claude Alemany, and our elected representatives, Emilie Chandler and Emilie Vallet.


🎤 “These new production lines are the fruit of our long-term vision coupled with major investments and our dedication to offering the highest quality products to our customers. They symbolize our ability to innovate and adapt to market demands while respecting our commitment to the environment.”