We are celebrating the 20th anniversary

of the essential leather effect of the COTTING range!

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the GINKGO range, six new bold colours have been added to the wide range of existing colours.
The new colours open a new season and exalt the GINKGO that for years has linked us to our distant past to innovate and bring hope to our present.
GINKGO nouveaux coloris Cotting 2021


A range of colourful neutrals in the Japandi style, a combination of Scandinavian style and Japanese minimalism.

Subtle and soothing colours to satisfy consumers’ need for well-being and personal fulfilment. Unisex, elegant, natural and comforting tones.

These colours are suitable both for the private domain, cosy atmospheres, and for professional and public spaces, creating peaceful and soothing environments.

Ginkgo Cotting Les calmes sophistiqués 2021

MAYA blue invites you to take a beneficial break, suitable for reception areas, and enhances the care given to customers. It is ideal for combining with lively colours to temper them.

Bois de rose, the colour that is slowly replacing taupe, is brighter and allows for creation of cosy and warm atmospheres.

Celadon, an essential indoor and outdoor colour for the coming seasons. It blends in perfectly with all natural materials for an eco-friendly lifestyle.


In an increasingly digitalised and post-Covid world, influencers are becoming stars and drawing millions of followers in their wake, who in turn want to stand out and assert their charisma.

Boldness is the key word, to fight the gloom, we dare to express our personality and our way of life with strength, we affirm our choices. As after every crisis, creativity is required, and decorators and designers will be keen to make an impact in terms of style.

A range of unique colours, to be used as a total look or as a touch to give character to your space.

Celeste, oxygenated and invigorating blue invites a good mood and enthusiasm; very easy to work with shades of blues, greys and bleached colours to soften it.

Rose shocking, out of the box, seduces, it is the vintage colour that surprises, then delights, it removes monotony and radiates joy in all spaces.

Impérial, deep green, a classic that is being rediscovered and combined with bright and natural colours to make it definitely contemporary.

Ginkgo Cotting Happening nouveaux coloris 2021
The technical characteristics of GINKGO have been proven, the roundness of its leather grain and its astonishing flexibility make it easy to upholster your furniture for health and care sectors, and public spaces such as cafés, hotels, restaurants, offices and cruise ships